Remarkable multi use basket ball and soccer ball shaped bowls

  • The perfect multi-use bowl for any sports Fanatic

  • Great for party's, pet bowls, children's bowls

  • 100% BPA free, exceeds all ISO and FDA safety standards

  • Slip resistant bottom to prevent spills

  • the were sent by Jacks

Our Molded Bamboo® Pet Bowls are made from our Revolutionary Patented 100% Molded Bamboo® is always Melamine Free, Plastic Free, BPA Free.a sustainable and healthy alternative to the chemically based plastic options currently available in stores. Easy grip handle offers convenience when filling. Strategically placed grip on the bottom to prevent slipping and sliding. Great for small dogs and cats.


All Natural- Pet-Safe Bamboo Bowls

These eco-friendly bowls are made from bamboo and cooked rice husks. They are made from all renewable resources and 100% natural plant dye.

This eco-friendly pet bowl is completely safe for your pet and good for the environment.. It’s biodegradable, and made from all natural materials.


  • Fun on the go unfoldable carry along doggy bowl.

  • Includes an easy and convenient carring feature that can be clipped anywere.

  • 8 inch diameter


LumoLeaf Collapsible Dog Bowl

  • 😊Large Double Bowls & Adjustable Size Design:Double bowls design make you have a versatile way for your dogs, both at home or to go. Adjustable size design is suitable for small/ medium/ large size dogs or cats. An expanded fully hold up to 40 oz or 5 cups of food or water at full height.


GREEN is a revolutionary way to turn a dog's meal into a challenging time-consuming game. Slowing down eating helps reduce the risk of bloat and the unpleasant after-effects of eating too fast, resulting in a happier and healthier dog. Designed like a tuft of grass but looking like a contemporary piece of art, simply scatter the desired amount of food across the GREEN. Can be used for dry and wet food, simply wash /dishwasher after use.


              Rock 'N Bowl

Part bowl. Part puzzle. All dog.

The perfect everyday puzzle feeder for your pup features our Simply Challenging™ design. Easy for you, and fun for them! Turn every meal into a game with the Rock ’N Bowl!


The Official Snuffle Mat!

Dogs live in a nosey world! Their vision is 6 times worse than humans, but their sense of smell is 40 times better than ours. We designed the Wooly Snuffle Mat to give your dog’s nose a fun adventure during feeding and treat time!