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Advanced Obedience Training
254-226-6086  or  254-226-5858

Advanced Off Leash Obedience is perfecting the basic training commands that your dog has learned and making sure that they will follow those commands under any distractions. We also apply Behavior Modification to correct any unwanted behaviors your dog may have picked up during the time off between training programs. We always recommend running through the programs back to back which we have found to be most rewarding.  Training Deposit Form    (254) 226-6086 Justin Evans


Advanced Obedience Training 8 week program $4,000 we require a deposit $800 to reserve the 2 months  Training Deposit Form 

Basic & Advanced Obedience Programs $8000

Training Program Bag

After completion of the training program we send you home with a bag full of items from companies we partner with as a gift from us to you :)

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