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            Basic Obedience Training
  254-226-6086  or    254-226-5858

Dogs go through a rebellious adolescent phase you may assume they don't know how to do the command you are asking but truth is they most likely are stubbornly just choosing not to do it. We call this the "teen" stage, at around 6 month of age you will notice the sudden moodiness this is the time you want to schedule your dog to come back for obedience to correct these behaviors while you still can. A dog set in it's ways become much harder to raise when they lack respect for you and everyone around them. Common signs: Pulling you on the leash, jumping/nipping, being destructive, or even ignoring you when you call their name. Give us a call today so we can discuss how to  correct those unwanted behaviors and get them on the right track to being the dog you hoped for.  

Basic Obedience Training is a 8 week program that consist on learning the basic commands on-leash. We start with Sit, Down, Stay, Come, Place, Heel, Retrieval of an object and more. Training Deposit Form    (254) 226-6086 Justin Evans. We recommend booking both Obedience Training Programs to run back to back or to make sure your spot is reserved if you want to break them up


Basic Obedience Training 8 week program $4,000 we require a deposit $800 to reserve the 2 months

Both Basic & Advanced Obedience $8000

 Training Deposit Form 

Training Program Bag

After completion of the training program we send you home with a bag full of items from companies we partner with as a gift from us to you :)

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