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Our Giant bag clip's unique design literally puts a handle on bags and allows you to now carry, pour and store with ease. A sturdy, yet comfortable handle makes it easy to grab, go and pour!


Save yourself the time from messy cleanups in the garage or shed by sealing up your bags for storage.  Made of sturdy polypropylene plastic that will hold up to your toughest task our giant bag clip is rated to carry 40 lbs and the mini bag clip can hold 10 lbs.  It's easy to use, simply hold in your left hand with the handle, bend back the tab with your right hand fingers while pulling the two parts apart.   You can then place the open bag in the jaws of the clip and snap shut!  No need to fold down the bag.

  • Ratchet system on the closure allows you to seal up varying thicknesses of bags.

  • No-tear design teeth won't puncture your bag, even on thin potting mix bags.

  • Create a pour spout by simply placing the bag clip on an angle on one corner of the opening making sure to click all the way to ensure a tight grip on the bag.

  • Perfect for large bags of pet food, potting mix, fertilizer, grass seed, farm animal feed, bird seed, oil absorbent, kitty litter, ice melt, bbq charcoal and pellets and so much more.

  • Mini version can also be used in the kitchen to re-seal bags of flour, frozen vegetables or potato chips.

  • Mini also comes apart for easy cleaning in the dishwasher.

  • Made in the USA.


Start re-sealing your bags today and let our Giant Bag Clips make your chores less of a chore!


18"x12" Camo Cleaning Towel

The camo cleaning towel by is perfect for keeping your things clean and has a great style. It measures at 18" x 12" and has a grommet with a carabiner looped through, making this easy to transport from place to place. Clean off golf clubs, glasses, or electronics with the microfiber fabric! You have eleven camouflage colors to choose from and can imprint your logo in full color.

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