• Patent pending “ S GripTM ”™technology for easier gripping and holding

  • Softer, more pliable plastic gives the New Soft-Mouth Trainer TM™the feeling of a real bird’s body when retrieving.

  • Trains your dog to naturally hold with a gentler grip

  • Perfect for land or water training (Dummies FLOAT in water)

  • Adjustable pressure valve system allows handler to make the dummy softer or firmer for customized training

  • Excellent for water training or field use

  • Versatile, durable and long lasting

  • Height: 11.25"         https://dtsystems.com


A high-visibility orange training dummy is a favorite of upland hunters, floats, and is great for throwing against all backgrounds. The air valve lets you adjust buoyancy and weight, and the knobs are designed to prevent hard mouth. Choose from regular (2"W X 12"L) or jumbo (3"W X 12"L).   https://www.sportdog.com/    



Unlike other dummy antlers or real antlers, the Dog Bone dummy antler is soft! It’s made from the same durable, long-lasting material as familiar training dummies. This is important because a “hard” antler dummy can poke your dog, resulting in a bad first impression and, potentially, a shed shy dog.



Retriev-R-Trainer Canvas Throw Dummies

Our throw bumpers are known in the industry for their superior quality and affordability. A great aid to use with your RRT Launcher or Lucky Launcher II!

Canvas Puppy Throw

Our 1 1/2″ x 7″ canvas puppy throw is perfect for the beginner puppy! The diameter, weight & length were specifically selected for a puppy’s first retrieves. The throw is proportionate to size of the pup to get them started in a very successful life of retrieval.


The black and white training dummy stands out against any background. Our plastic dummies float, are designed with a valve so you can adjust buoyancy and weight, and the knobs are designed to prevent hard mouth. Choose from regular (2"W X 12"L) or jumbo (3"W X 12"L).


BONE-A-FIDE Antler Fetch Toy


  • Fetch toy for year round fun

  • Soft and flexible

  • 100% safe, non-toxic, durable material

  • Available in 4 colors

  • Antler shaped dog toy

High-visibility orange dummies, a favorite of upland hunters, are good for throwing against all backgrounds. Canvas training dummies are weighted for easy throwing and simulate actual game size and weight. The canvas material holds game scent better than plastic dummies and floats


Bite Tug Toy with 2 Handles Jute

  • DURABLE:This 20" x 3.54" dog tug toy can hold up to 220 pounds (100 kg), more sturdy and more gentle on dog's teeth than canvas tugs, Ensure that your dog will never tear it when having fun

  • SAFE :Our tug is made of the highest quality linen material, non-toxic and environmentally friendly

  • MULTIPURPOSE: Suitable for indoor and outdoor play Interactive dog toys. Great for retriever training, tugging and fetching, teaching your dog commands and skills, training dogs' agility

  • Specialy designed strong handles protects your hand from rope burn and give everything absolutely under your control

  • It is suitable for IPO, Schutzhund, Agility, Ring Sport, Police K-9 Dogs and more


K9 to 5 GEAR Dog Tug Toy Bite Pillow - Strong Dog Pull Toy with Tough Jute, 2 Rope Handles

  • TUG OF WAR DOG TOY for developing strong dogs and bonding through exercise toys.

  • 2 SOFT ROPE HANDLES for a comfortable and easy grip, full control and stability.

  • HIGH QUALITY AND DURABLE TOY with double stitching and a tough biting sleeve surface made of jute.

  • TRAIN AND BOND OUTDOOR WITH YOUR DOGS like German Shepherd, Malinois, etc. Schutzhund IPO Equipment.


Super durable Fall colored Firehose

  • 11" long

  • Squeaks!

  • 15" handle made from 1680 Ballistic with our Dual Fold technology.

  • Warm rich fall color with black tug handle

  • Great for aggressive players and a game of Tug!