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    LoneStar Malinois Puppy Program
Belgian Malinois Puppies in Gatesville, Texas (254) 226 - 5858


LoneStar Puppies are matched perfectly to their new homes. We do this by weekly evaluations, testing the puppies temperament and drive, and how they score during imprint training. The Puppy Questionnaire is where you will include everything you'd like us to know about your interest in the breed, your family, and lifestyle so we can match you with the best puppy possible. Malinois are extremely intelligent, highly trainable, eager to please, alert and very responsive. They look at you for guidance in their journey in being the Malinois you've hoped for. Patience is important, brain stimulation, exercise, and socialization. 

Vaccine & Deworming Schedule

Puppies are De-Wormed every 2 weeks with Pyrantel & Ponazuril which cover all worms and prevent intestinal parasites. They receive the Nobivac Puppy-DPv Vaccine at 6-8 weeks which will be outlined on your Puppy Health Record. We microchip all puppies with (Pro ID Mini Chip™) The mini chip is universally read by all scanners and registration cards are included. Puppies are then transferred to our outside facility where they receive plenty of Environmental Imprinting as well as Socialization. 

               Health & Hip Warranty
Our Belgian Malinois puppies come with a Lifetime Congenital Health & Defect Warranty, along with a 30 month Hip & Elbow guarantee, which will be outlined in your Breeders Contract. Puppies will leave with a full health record of the Dewormings & Vaccines they received here, and it is then your responsibility to bring them to your vet to finish their vaccination schedule before taking them anywhere (public places). We do not warranty communicable diseases, please be cautious where you take your puppy before they are fully vaccinated. 

Puppy Starter Bags

The day you pick up your Malinois, you will receive a Puppy Starter Bag with a variety of items I put together from companies I partner up with to help get your puppy off on the right track and to give you ideas of age appropriate items. 


How your puppy is chosen:

Our Malinois are matched perfectly to their new handlers, we do this by weekly evaluations and how they scored during imprint training. We will choose the best puppy we feel fits, the puppies drive and temperament is the most important thing we look at when matching our puppies and do not consider color preference at all when making our final decisions in puppy placement. Each of our puppies receives a temporary I.D name and are microchipped we post weekly photos to the Facebook and Instagram pages. The Malinois high energy and extreme drive can make some hard to handle living in a home environment with children and small animals. We will do our best to match you with the best puppy possible below is our Puppy Questionnaire that you are required to send before a deposit is placed.

Under the Puppy Tab you will find our Deposit Lists, Puppy Questionnaire, Puppy Starter Program, and Contracts. We ask that you take the time and read over the Breeders Contract, Deposit Contract, and the process of reserving your Malinois puppy.


Puppy Imprinting:

Puppies have a small window of time during brain development when they are most impressionable. This is called the imprinting period. For Malinois puppies, the imprinting period is during the first 16 weeks of life. Puppies learn more during this time than they can learn in a life time.Therefore what they learn in the period of time will have a huge impact on there future personalities and determine the formation of many of their "good" or "bad" Malinois behavior tendencies.

It is important to us to provide our puppies with brain stimulation environmental and socialization imprinting for proper development and adjustment to living in human society. Malinois puppies learn a lot from there mom in the first 8 weeks of life, everything from potty training to getting exposed to many sounds and surfaces. Every Malinois puppy here is exposed to a variety of sounds and surfaces.we live near one of the largest,military bases in the US,(Fort Hood) and they are exposed to many sounds such as gun shots, canons, artillery. helicopters,tanks and more. We also have training tools like clatter sticks and whips which simulate gun shots.Empty bottles with rocks, pools with empty water bottles,balls,and other objects helps get puppies used to many surfaces along with tile, concrete, wood, gravel, dirt, grass, and more. Each puppy has also participated in Sponsor Photos I feel it's important to get them used to the many photos to come and what better way then including them in the many marketing photos I do for our sponsored companies.


AKC Inspected Kennel

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