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Advance Off-Leash Obedience $4,000                              (8 week program) 


The purpose of our Advanced Obedience Training program is to perfect the basic training commands that your dog has learned and making sure that they will follow those commands under any distractions. Do you want to take your dog into public places and feel confident that they will behave? The Advance Off-leash course is taking them to the next level in training so they can walk off leash with ease. Building a strong foundation of trust helps you communicate more effectively with your dog as well. 





 Protection Dog Training Program $4,000                   (8 week program)

Home Protection or Defense of Handler (Your Self) is a natural instinct in dogs, protecting you, your family, and home. Canines know who their family is and the majority will not hesitate to put themselves in harm's way to protect one of their own. But, protective instincts can be so strong that it causes unwanted aggression toward other people your dog is not familiar with. For this reason, the guarding instinct should be refined with the foundations of obedience training and socialization throughout the dogs life.  Protection Dog Training  methods are not for everyone nor are they suited for all dogs. When evaluating your dog for personal protection training, your dog needs to be well socialized, confident but not aggressive. Your dog will first run through the basics of off-leash obedience training and then start to learn and respond to the “bark” and “leave it” commands. Next they will develop strong full mouth grips on a bite pillow/developer then move on to targeting a sleeve or hidden sleeve. The most important thing is that  your dog has a good On and Off switch when doing any type of agitation or  bite work. They should have the ability to play and relax and bring that adrenaline down when given the  command. With these qualities properly developed, your dog is on it's way in becoming a well trained Personal or Family Protection Dog. If there are children in your family, we put special emphasis on the dog being extra careful while protecting them.

( Each Training Program is a 8 week Board & Train Program. The dog will stay here at our facility the duration of training and we will provide all food, treats, and toys we only require proof of vet records up to date. The dog must complete Advance Off-leash Obedience before starting Protection Training. )