Nerf Dog Infinity Plush Trackshot Tug

NERF DOG Trackshot: Tough Plush Fun!

Looking for super-strong plush toys for your dog? Trackshot is NERF DOG’s specialty line of durable plush toys that stand up to a dog’s teeth, thanks to the sturdy woven nylon exterior with tear-resistant polyurethane rubber coating.

The NERF DOG large TrackshotInfinity Tug ll is stuffed to the max to make one solid toy that will entertain your pet for hours on end.. Sturdy woven nylon with tear-resistant PU rubber coating. Great for toss and fetch, or solo play sessions.


Nerf Dog 2-Handle TPR tug

The Nerf Dog ultra tough TPR Tug will entertain you and your dog for hours on end! Play “tug of war” with your best friend, or let him play tug with other dogs. Great for tugging, extended chewing, and playing!

Fetcher™ by EQDOG Danmark100% natural rubber High visible color for dogToxic freeThis toys meets all the EU safety, health and environmental protection requirementsThe Fetcher is manufactured with Organic compounds as required for children's toys.The Fetcher is CE approved according to European standard EN71The PAH´s & Phthalates in manufacturer are as per European Specifications.                                         http://eqdog.com

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4BF Tugging Star           https://4bf.com/

  • Nontoxic, Plant-derived Natural Rubber

  • No Plastic Additives – Completely Safe

  • Natural Cotton or Nontoxic Nylon Rope

  • One Size – 3 Colors Available

  • Redesigned Packaging

  • Custom Program Available

  • Charitable Give-Back Program

  • Helps Maintain Oral Hygiene

  • Encourages Outdoor & Indoor Play

  • Specially Formulated for Maximum Pet Play


Nerf Dog TPR 3-Ring Tug

The Nerf Dog ultra tough 31im TPR rings will entertain you and your dog for hours on end! Play tug of war with your best friend, or let him play tug with other dogs. Great for tugging, extended chewing, toss and retrieve, and playing in the pool!     http://www.nerfpet.com

Nerf Dog LARGE Tire Infinity Tug

The NERF DOG 10″ Tire Infinity Tug will entertain you and your dog for hours on end. Play ‘tug of war’ with your best friend, or let him play tug with other dogs. The durable rubber body stands up to extended chewing, plus it has an ultra-grip tire tread texture that makes it easier to grip for both of you! Great for medium to extra-large dogs.


Rubber Pull Ring

  • PET-FRIENDLY AND SAFE MATERIALS This toy is made of non-toxic semi-hard natural rubber. RING’s WEIGHT is 286 gr/10.2 OZ and makes this rubber dog toy solid and durable. It is tough enough to stand up to teeth and strong and resilient enough for tug-of-war plays.

  • VERY USEFUL TO FULFILL DOG’S NATURAL URGES to grab and pull on things with their mouth. Chewing is important for puppies who explore the world through their mouths and also for adult dogs to keep their jaws strong, teeth clean and to relieve anxiety and frustration.

  • PERFECT TO CATCH and PLAY TUG OF WAR games – ring’s diameter is 15 cm/6 inches and width 2,5 cm/1 inch which allows your dog to have a good grip while catching it. Best FOR MEDIUM AND LARGER DOGS or large breed puppies to play with together!

  • CREATIVE PLAYTIME mixed with learning some basic commands MAKE REGULAR WALKS MORE FUN, strengthens bond between you and pet, increases intelligence and creates happy spirit, which means less destructive behavior and happier healthy pet.

  • GUARANTEED TO HAVE HOURS OF EXERCISE AND FUN TIME whether you play tug of war with or teach your pup a fetch!


Bite Tug Toy with 2 Handles Jute

  • DURABLE:This 20" x 3.54" dog tug toy can hold up to 220 pounds (100 kg), more sturdy and more gentle on dog's teeth than canvas tugs, Ensure that your dog will never tear it when having fun

  • SAFE :Our tug is made of the highest quality linen material, non-toxic and environmentally friendly

  • MULTIPURPOSE: Suitable for indoor and outdoor play Interactive dog toys. Great for retriever training, tugging and fetching, teaching your dog commands and skills, training dogs' agility

  • Specialy designed strong handles protects your hand from rope burn and give everything absolutely under your control

  • It is suitable for IPO, Schutzhund, Agility, Ring Sport, Police K-9 Dogs and more

The Ultimate Tug Toy

Due to the success we have had with The Perfect Tug Toy® we wanted to create the next best tug toy, one that would allow the user to have a better experience with their dog. We incorporated the ergonomic handle featured on our leashes,  then we created a circular flat shape with 3 raised ridges across its surface to catch the dogs teeth for a better grip.  Made from our strong and resilient proprietary Flexa-Pure® material, this toy is ready for some serious play time.

The Perfect Tug Toy

You can toss it, tug it, or throw it, and your dog can even chew it. This toy is virtually indestructible. Made of our special Flexa-Pure® material, No Rubber, No Latex. Rinse with soap and water to keep clean. This large dog toy is 24" long.


K9 to 5 GEAR Dog Tug Toy Bite Pillow - Strong Dog Pull Toy with Tough Jute, 2 Rope Handles

  • TUG OF WAR DOG TOY for developing strong dogs and bonding through exercise toys.

  • 2 SOFT ROPE HANDLES for a comfortable and easy grip, full control and stability.

  • HIGH QUALITY AND DURABLE TOY with double stitching and a tough biting sleeve surface made of jute.

  • TRAIN AND BOND OUTDOOR WITH YOUR DOGS like German Shepherd, Malinois, etc. Schutzhund IPO Equipment.


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