TopGun's Trooper

                      AKC Registerd DN#24592502

                      Sire: Dylan Perle De Tourbiere

                      Dam: Princess Mirage Leif

Trooper was our first Malinois together,

his drive and stamina was incredible, We called him " The Beast " because that he was, nearly 91 lbs and built like a tank, could clear 10 ft walls and take down 200 lb men like it was nothing. He scaled fence lines like a ninja cat and was an amazing herder, when the Lamas and Bulls escaped he was the one to call. Full mouth grips and his take downs were extreme, hit his targets every time like a freight train going 100 mph. Trooper was raised inside from a puppy up to his stud years and went to work with Justin from his Fire Fighting days to Armed Security. He later retired and became a demo dog and one of our Top Studs for our breeding program. Outstanding producer, his offspring  excel in Police & Military work, Search & Rescue Organizations, S.W.A.T, Boarder Patrol, PTSD Dogs, Demo Dogs, Therapy Dogs, K9 Surfer, K9 Skaters the list goes on.. Trooper is very near dear to our hearts and we will forever thank him for the happiness he's brought to us and our LoneStar family 


              AKC Regestered # DN30982807

                               Sire: Dylan Perle De Tourbiere

                     Dam: Rebecka Vom Haus Leigbiter

Amp was an amazing Demo Dog and Stud fully trained in offleash advanced obedience ready for his BH and personal protection. He was trained in German and such a character, had extreme drive and fast. His offspring are mainly in Sports some working and family protection. We only had Amp a few short years and he passed over the rainbow bridge too soon. We will always hold him near to our hearts and remember him by his offspring. 


                          AKC Registerd #DN25283107

                          Heartlands Rugar

                          Hearlands All That Jazz

Zoey was my first female Malinois, she was mostly family protection and later on became one of our top producers in drive and speed for sure! Zoey had a personality like none of the others infact she was named " Satans Mistress ". She was an amazing mother to her offspring and wonderful living inside as a family companion/personal protection but didn't care to much about being a demo dog or welcoming guest lets just say that lol . All in all she was a fun loving girl, her speed was incredible and I enjoyed sitting outside  capturing awesome shots of her and the frisbee which was her favorite thing besides the ball ofcourse. Zoey crossed over the rainbow bridge at age 10 and we are forever thankful for having her in our lives and she will be remebered by her offspring. 

                     Avisa's Hanna

              AKC Registerd #DN38397703

​              Sire: Athos #DN37782401

              Dam: Arrack's Home Tika #DN34654902

Hanna is such a sweet girl, full of spunk and personality. Her offspring are amazing very loving and many are in sports some training for future working jobs and they all resemble her in many ways. We decided to retire Hanna from breeding after a few short years and she is living as a family companion currently and demoing for customers

             Gabrielle Du Soliel Levant

              AKC Registered #DN27998301

              Sire: Viko Du Domaine D'Huma

              Dam: Chantz Es We Take

Gabby is our main girl for pretty much every aspect of this business. She was our top producer in Working/Military prospects aswell as many Sports,SAR,Nose Work,PTSD the list goes on for her. She is the senior female here currently our oldest girl. She is trained in Mondio Ring, trained in French and fully trained protection dog. She has retired from breeding and demoing and is living out her life as our family dog and protector.

Avisa's Jade

AKC Registered:#DN38428508

Sire:Dylan Perle De Tourbiere

Dam:Isis Of Braveheart


                Arween Regulus Black

               AKC Registered:#DN52268401

               SIREEscobar Red Vixen IPO3 

              DamJoana ter Masdjano