Puppy Starter Program goes by the week for however long the Owner/Handler wants and begins as soon as the puppy turns 8 weeks.


-Continuing Socialization

-Potty Training   

-Crate Training 

-Beginners Leash Training ( Learning to walk on leash properly )

-Eating Schedule

-Weekly Baths & Nail Trimmings

-Building & Maintaining Toy & Food drive very important for future training 😉

-Working with different materials, sounds, and walking your puppy on various surfaces.

* Puppy Starter is extending Imprint Training which starts at 4 weeks of age. We do our best to socialize puppies around children, people, other animals and getting them sound on all surfaces. This is NOT Obedience Training your puppy is far too young to learn commands and remember  them by the time they leave. A puppies attention span is maybe 5-10 minutes and they tire out fast understand when leaving your puppy for our Puppy Starter Program we are continuing imprinting & Socialization. All puppies that leave with new handlers/owners need time to transition to a new environment. It takes time to bond and for them to accept that they are in a new home and environment away from their momma and litter mates that they have been so close to for over two months. *

LoneStar Puppy Starter Program

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