LoneStar Malinois Puppy Questionnaire

1) Would you like a Male or Female Malinois puppy?

2)What breeding are you interested in placing a deposit on?

3) What experience do you have with the breed?

What are you looking for in the Malinois? ( Family Protection, Competition Sports, Working a Specific Job ect)

4) Who will the Malinois puppy primarily live with?

Do you have small children or small animals the puppy will be raised around?

5) Do you understand even though we do our best matching you with a puppy that fits your family and lifestyle that They Are Still A High Energy, High Drive Breed and puppies take time to transition in their new home? (Being Vocal, Jumping, Nipping is  all part of being a puppy are you fully aware of that there will be challenges during the puppy phase?

6) Will the puppy have plenty of room to run, train and play?

Do you have the time and patience to fully care for a breed with so much energy and wants to be part of your everyday activities?

7) Do you understand you will not be able to pick your Malinois puppy and that we will choose the best puppy we feel fits? The puppies drive and temperament is the most important thing we look at when doing evaluations we do not consider color preference at all you will not have any say in which puppy you are paired with do you fully understand that?

8) Where will the puppy stay when unsupervised? (Crate,Pen,Kennel) If crated how many hours each day?

Do you understand puppies bladders are weak until they mature and can not hold it for long periods of time?

9) What is your Facebook & or Instagram if you have one so we can follow puppy updates?

10)Do you understand that we enjoy seeing updates on our puppies and want to know they are doing well that we do ask that you either share/tag us in photo or video updates or let us follow your social media


Understand Puppy Deposit is Non - Refundable but never expires Only Send Form When You Are Ready to Pay Deposit Invoice (if you are approved for a puppy spot)


* LoneStar puppies are $1500 deposit is $250 *

If you have any questions feel free to contact me @ 254-226-5858

Copy & Paste  form in contact form below only when you are ready to place deposit lonestarmalinois@gmail.com

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