Puppy Deposit Request Form   (254)226-5858

 ( Copy & Paste the entire questionnaire to the form below when you are ready to pay deposit  )


              Puppies Are $1500   Deposit is $250


            * 1-2 Year Wait Currently 40 Names on our Lists *


Do you understand we have a 1-2 year long wait right now? Please view the Waiting List page. Your deposit will be for 2022 unless a spot opens on 2021.


Do you want to reserve a Male or Female puppy ?

Do you have any hands on experience with Malinois ?


What are you looking for in the breed for what purpose do you want a Malinois ? (For Example: Work,Family/Personal Protection, Sports,PTSD) Please explain so we can choose the best puppy for you.

Who will the puppy primarily live with and do they fully understand the breed ?


Do you have small children or small animals the puppy will be raised around?

Do you understand puppies take time to transition in their new home and that you will need to potty train, crate train and socialize your puppy daily ? ( We offer Puppy Starter Program Click Here For More Information and Enrollment)


Do you understand that Malinois are: Mouthy/Nippy, Protective, Vocal, Hyper, Attention Seekers/Clingy and that it is your responsibility to make sure your Malinois is well socialized, is corrected on any unwanted behaviors and receives adequate training  ?

Do you fully understand that Malinois have extreme prey drive and that you should never leave them unsupervised around children or other animals ?

Will the puppy have plenty of room to run, train and play as well as be included in your daily activities ?

Do you fully understand that we will pick which puppy you are matched with and that we do not take color preference or size in consideration at all. We will decide which puppy you will be paired with based on the puppies temperament and drive matched with the information you provide us in this questionnaire form ?

Where will the puppy stay when unsupervised for how many hours ?

Do you understand that we enjoy seeing updates on our puppies and want to know they are doing well that we do ask that you either tag us in photos/videos or message our Facebook or Instagram page with updates throughout the year ?

Do you understand that this is a Puppy Deposit Request and that payment of $250 is required to reserve your spot for a male or female puppy the moment you send this form we will contact you by phone to take the payment ?

Our puppy price is $1500 and deposit is $250 Non Refundable

This form is for Puppy Deposit Request Only If you have any questions before sending deposit please call before sending in form all deposits are paid over the phone with Square 254-226-5858 Contact Me with any questions - Meagan Evans


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