* Wating List has total :  40  names  1 - 2 Year Wait *

Gunner X    Tai

Est. Due October 10th-15th 2020

                    Waiting List

             5/1     1. Joel Fox – Female

             5/11     2. Valerie Ortiz – Female

             6/3     3. Kristen Stanley – Female

             6/6     4. Glenn Flores – Female

             5/5    1. Nathan Glass – Male

             5/22    2. Trace & Andrew – Male

             6/4    3. Jeremy Villareal –Male

             6/8    4. William Copper – Male


             When Will I Get A Puppy ?

It depends on when you placed your deposit, for what specific breeding and how many people are in front of you on the list. A breeding is scheduled once we have a full waiting list for that specific pairing. Their cycles vary (6 months - 8 months) If the Dam is not due to come in heat 7 months after you placed your deposit even if you are 1st on the list for a puppy you still have to wait 7 months for their cycle to return. Pregnancy is an average of 63-68 days, and if it's a success and puppies are born healthy there is still a 2 month wait until they can leave. You are expected to wait at least 1 year from when deposit is placed.


          What if there's not enough puppies born ?

A pregnancy is not always a 100% guarantee at times there may be a false pregnancy or loss just as in humans. A fetus or multiples may pass in utero which can result in a small litter being born this is completely out of our control. Our main focus is a healthy pregnancy and healthy mom and babies. We have seen 1 to 14 puppies born and each litter the numbers vary. If your name is on a list above and there were not enough puppies born (For Example 4. " Your Name" - Female 2 females born) You being 4th in line for a female and there only being 2 born your name stays on the waiting list in order of deposit so if the people on the below list placed their deposit in say August and you placed yours in April then you will go in front of them for "Next Available" unless you specifically want to wait for the next breeding of the pairing you chose which will be a year wait we always suggest keeping your spot in line. Once a person has moved up to a list above you can not kick someone off a list just because there was not enough puppies born in the litter you were on. Those people placed their deposit for that specific breeding and their deposit date is irrelevant since your name was already on the above list when they moved up.



     When will my name move up to a list ?

We will move names up to the list above in order of deposit once the breeding takes place. We move 3-4 names up for each gender in order of when the deposit was placed for that specific pairing. If you did not choose a specific pairing then you will still move up in order of deposit for "Next Available" which means we will contact you when the breeding takes place if you pass on that breeding you will not loose your spot on the waiting list. When your name is on a list above this does not mean you are guaranteed a puppy spot on that specific breeding. Only when the litter is born and the number of puppies born is equal to or greater than the number next to your name and we have contacted you to confirm you are then secured for a spot. The date of deposit is next to each name. ( For Example: deposit date 1. " Your Name " - Male 1st puppy born is Male ) If you are third in line for a female and only 2 females were born but 5 or more males were born then you have the option to switch to a male spot as long as you are not skipping anyone in line who are already down for that gender no matter if your deposit was before them they specifically wanted that gender first.







                            Waiting List  



             1.   4-22 Kendall E. – Male  ( Next Aval )

             2.  5/5 Michaela D. - Male (Next Aval)

             3.  5-18 Joel H. – Male      (Next Aval) or (Gunner x Link 2021)

             4.  5-18 Shawn C. – Female ( 2021 )

            5.  5-29 Sean L. – Male      ( 2021 )

             6.   6-7 Ted H.  – Female   (GUNNER x TAI  or KORE )

             7.   6-8 Danielle B. - Female (GUNNER x TAI)

                   8.    6-9 Sarah L. – Female   (GUNNER x TAI)

             9. 6-14 Stephanie T. – Female ( 2021 )

            10.  6-17 Tomas T. – Male (2021) (Gunner x Link/Kore) (Canek x Eny)

             11.  6-19  Patrick F. – Male  ( Next Aval)   

             12.  6-19 Cecilia D. – Any Gender   ( Next Aval)   

            13. 6-29 B.B  - Female  (Next Aval)     

            14.  7-2  Tony N. - Male ( 2021 ) 

            15.   7-10 Carol L. - Male    (Next Aval)

              16.   7-11 Christiano B. - Male ( Next Aval)   

              17.   7-11 Cameron & Lacey - Any Gender  ( Next Aval)     

              18.   7-12 Michael I. - Male ( 2021 )

              19.   7-17 Jason V. - Male     ( Next Aval)

              20.   7-17 Sheldon H. -Female( Next Aval)   

              21.   8-1  Nate - Female      ( Gunner x Tai )  ( 2021 ) 

              22.   8-6 Chad L. - Any Gender ( Next Aval)

             23.  8-18 David G. - Female (Next Aval)

               24.  8-18 Karina V. - Male ( Gunner x Eska ) ( 2021 ) 

               25.  8-18 Mario M - Any Gender ( Next Aval)   

               26.  8-21 Tayler T. - Male ( Gunner x Tai ) ( 2021 ) 

               27.  8-21 Scott A. - Male          ( 2021 )

               28.  8/25 Kate D. - Female       ( 2021 )

               29.  Roll Dan M. - Male       ( 2021 )   

               30.  8/31 Harlan & Kaleigh - Male (Next Aval)

               31.  Roll Misti & Antonio T. - Male (Next Aval)     

               32.  9/12 Mark C. - Male (Next Aval)

               33.  9/27 Dillion W. - Male ( Next Aval )

















    1-2 YEAR WAIT

                         Payment Methods

We take deposit over the phone with Square but the Puppy Balance Must Be Paid In Cash The Day Of Pick Up We will not release the puppy if you forgot to bring the remaining balance in cash.



When will I know which puppy I'm paired with?

You will find out which puppy we pair you with the 8th week.

Puppies are matched based on temperament and drive as well as the information you provide in your puppy questionnaire form. We do not take coat color preference in consideration at all We will match you with the best puppy we feel fit. If you are familiar with the breed you know the Malinois high energy and extreme drive can make them hard to handle if paired with someone looking for a more low drive puppy. Therefore we choose where each puppy goes based on the owners experience with the breed and exactly what their looking for in their new Malinois. We do not guarantee temperament or drive the day you pick up your puppy you will see how they act. Keep in mind they are babies it takes time for them to transition in a new environment.


Scheduling Puppy Pick Up Appointment


Puppies leave at 8 weeks of age it is your responsibility to contact us when the time is near to confirm and schedule your appointment. We will attempt to contact you to schedule a date the 7th week if we have not heard from you the day puppies turns 8 weeks we will then go to the next person in line. We have contacted you when the breeding took place, when puppies were born do you will have plenty of time to prepare and arrange pick up. If puppies turn 8 weeks in the middle of the week you can schedule pick up the weekend before through the weekend after but if you have not picked up your puppy by the Sunday after they turn 8 weeks we will go to the next person in line. We suggest marking the date on your calendar as soon as the puppies are born and you know they can leave in 8 weeks.

>Puppy Starter Program< If you would like to enroll your puppy in puppy starter you must send remaining balance of the puppy $1250 + $300/weekly by the day your puppy turns 8 weeks payment over the phone with Square or you are welcome to come in person cash only.

           Air/Ground Shipping

Delta Airlines is where your Malinois will fly out of. Remaining balance must be paid in full before shipping arrangements are arranged. $600 is our shipping fee to cover plane ticket, crate, airline approved health certificate, crate bowls, bedding, and diesel to Dallas or Austin. If you prefer a ground shipper or to fly here and have the puppy fly back with you it is your responsibility to make those arrangements by the time the puppy turns 8 weeks.


        When You Bring Your Puppy Home

It is time to start prepping for your little Maligator or Maliangel, puppy proofing your home and property anywhere you plan on taking your puppy needs to be safe for them to run and play. Our adult Malinois are secured in 10x10x6 welded wire kennels that are closed on on top so they are escape proof we also have a 8ft fence. If you are crate training we suggest putting the crate somewhere away from the bedrooms such as a laundry room or garage somewhere with good air flow. The first weeks are the hardest getting them used to the crate they will cry and howl invest in some good ear plugs for the whole family. Do not put the crate near anything they can pull inside the crate such as curtains. Putting them in a dark room with even a sound machine is good they are raised inside our dog room which has the washer and dryer as well as a radio so they are used to noise. We do not suggest leaving your puppy in a crate longer then a typical bedtime or going for errands during the day or they will potty in the crate or attempt to chew through the crate even break the locking mechanism. We have a welded wire metal puppy pen inside that is 40 inches tall here's the link Amazon Puppy Pen we have multiple sets that we connect together. Once your puppy is tall enough they will attempt to climb out it's important to either set up a secured kennel outside or crate train so when you leave the house you know they will be ok we also have Samsung security cameras outside and Nest cameras inside so we can watch them when we leave the house.


        Puppy Health & Vet Visits
Your puppy will leave up to date on all age appropriate vaccines & dewormings, which are outlined in your puppies health record. We ask that you  continue with the puppies vaccine and deworming schedule.

Puppies should have received all vaccines including rabies at 16 weeks 
We ask that you DO NOT bring your puppy anywhere without good reason until one week after their final vaccination because they will not have full immunity against diseases until that point. 
Public places such as (dog parks,pet stores,grooming salons,dog trails) do not always require to see a vaccine record.
We DO NOT warranty communicable diseases,we take precautions while your puppy is here to make sure they do not come in contact with any life threatening diseases.
We know that socialization is very important and we want your puppy to be well socialized. 
There are many ways to do so without allowing them to run and play in areas you don’t know are sanitized. 
Invite friends & family over to meet your puppy just make sure to sanitize floors before and after, parvovirus can be easily tracked in on the bottom of shoes. 

If you want to bring your puppy somewhere so they can see other people hold the puppy or put the puppy in a carrier,wagon,something where they can not walk on the ground.
We DO NOT warranty injury, please make sure to not put your puppy up on high areas such as (the back of trucks,high beds,porches or anywhere left un supervised) that they can fall off or attempt to jump.
Puppy growth plates are not closed until at least 12 months of age and jumping on open growth plates can cause long term damage.

      Canine Viruses / Contagious Diseases

Canine distemper

Symptoms: runny eyes, fever, coughing, vomiting, paralysis

Canine parvovirus (parvo)

Symptoms: fever, lethargy, vomiting, diarrhea, dehydration, weight loss

Canine Coronavirus Disease

diarrhea, lethargy, decreased appetite


Kennel cough (Viral or bacterial Pneumonia)

Symptoms: heavy coughing, gagging, lethargy

Lyme disease

Symptoms: pain, loss of appetite, fever, limping

Kidney disease

Symptoms: weight loss, increased urination and thirst, loss of appetite, vomiting


Symptoms: fever, pain, tingling or burning at the wound, hyperactivity

    Foods To Avoid Feeding Your Malinois

  Never give your puppy cooked bones at any age, bones can get stuck in intestines  which can cause blockage. If you are interested in feeding raw, introduce slowly, kibble requires a different pH in the gut to digest, feeding raw too soon in large quantities will make your puppy more susceptible to the bacteria in the raw meats.  Never give them raw pork which can cause the parasite infection known as trichinosis which is fatal.

ASPCA Animal Poison Control Center Phone Number: (888) 426-4435

Avoid feeding the foods below

  • Alcoholic beverages 

  • Apple seeds 

  • Apricot pits 

  • Avocados

  • Cherry pits

  • Candy (particularly chocolate

  • Coffee (grounds, beans, and chocolate-covered espresso beans)

  • Garlic

  • Grapes no fruit or vegetable seeds or stems

  • Gum

  • Hops (used in home beer brewing) 

  • Macadamia nuts 

  • Moldy foods 

  • Mushroom plants 

  • Mustard seeds 

  • Onions and onion powder 

  • Peach pits 

  • Potato leaves and stems (green parts) 

  • Raisins 

  • Raw Salmon, Pork, or Fish

  • Rhubarb leaves 

  • Salt 

  • Tea (because it contains caffeine) 

  • Tomato leaves and stems (green parts) 

  • Walnuts 

  • Xylitol (artificial sweetener that is toxic to pets)

  • Yeast dough

  Signs Of Food Toxicity 

-Elevated Heart Rate
-Rapid Panting
-Blood in the stool
-Loss of appetite


Bring your puppy to vet immediately if they show any of these signs 
Contact us at any sign of virus, injury, or death at your convenience




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