Gunner  X    Ziva

Born: June 23rd 2020  

Ready: August 18th


Tara L.   - Female

Chris C.  - Female

Sonya P. - Female

Dustin S. - Male

Nathan S.- Male

Leslie B.  - Male

Brandon L. - Male

Andrew S. - Male

Gunner  X    Link

Est. Due August 22nd 2020


    Waiting List

Jordan W.- Female

Nicole S. - Female

Brandon G. - Female

Mark G.  - Female

Marlena B. - Male

Horace C.  - Male

Julian B.  - Male

Michaela D. - Male

Canek X    Jada 

Est. Due August 27th 2020


    Waiting List


Justin L.  - Male

Tyler B. - Male

Karey B. - Male

Sasha B. - Male

Samantha M. - Female

B.B    - Female       

David G. - Female

* We will move names up in order of deposit once a breeding takes place. This is NOT a guarantee the pregnancy took at times there may be a false pregnancy or loss. If there is not enough puppies born to fill spots you have the option to switch to a future breeding or if spots come open on current litters *

                           Waiting List 2020

                             * In order of deposit *


                                       Male list




                                 * Next For ESKA *

                                    Ashley M . – Male (GUNNER x TAI,LINK,ESKA)

                        Dustin N. – Male (ANY GUNNER)

                        Ethan M. - Male (GUNNER x ESKA)


                                   * Next For TAI *

                        Nathan G. – Male (GUNNER x TAI)

                        Trace & Andrew – Male (GUNNER x TAI)

                       Jeremy V. –Male (GUNNER x TAI)

                       William C. – Male (GUNNER xTAI)


                          * Next For Aval Gunner spots *

                       Joel H. – Male (GUNNER x LINK)

                       Patrick F. – Male (GUNNER x TAI )

                       Cecili D. – Male (GUNNER x TAI )




                              * Next For TAI *

                    Joel F. – Female (GUNNER x TAI)

                    Valerie O. – Female (GUNNERxTAI)

                    Kristen S. – Female (GUNNER TAI)

                   Glenn F. – Female (GUNNER x TAI)

                             *Next For Aval Spots *

                   Ted H.  – Female (GUNNER x TAI, LINK)

                  Danielle B. – Female (GUNNER x TAI)

                  Sarah L. – Female (GUNNER x TAI)

                  Sam & Heather - Female (NEXT AVAL)

                            Waiting List 2021

                             * In order of deposit *

                  Kendall E. – Male (January 2021  )

                  Shawn C. – Female (June 2021 March )

                  Sean L. – Male (CANEK x JADA) 2021 Summer

                  Stephanie T. – Female (GUNNER x TAI) 2021 summer

                  Tomas T. – Male (GUNNER x LINK or TAI) 2021 summer

                  Tony N. - Male (Gunner x Link) January breeding

                               Payment Methods

Puppy Balance Must Be Paid In Cash The Day Of Pick Up if you prefer

Square Card Reader there will be a $50 fee on top of the remaining balance. We Prefer Cash at pick up

                  Reserving a spot on the Waiting List

Each list that you see above were filled prior to the breeding taking place. If you want to reserve a spot a deposit is required. We post all future breedings above make sure to specify which list you want your deposit on when sending in our puppy questionnaire form

Scheduling Puppy Pick Up Appointment


Puppies leave at 8 weeks of age it is your responsibility to contact us when the time is near to confirm and schedule your appointment. The day puppy turns 8 weeks if you haven't scheduled appointment you are passing on your spot for a puppy.

>Puppy Starter Program< If you would like to enroll your puppy in puppy starter you must send remaining balance of the puppy $1250 + $300/weekly by the day your puppy turns 8 weeks.

    Puppy Deposit Information

               Click To View Deposit Contract

Our Deposits $250 Are Non-Refundable But Do Not Expire         (Payments are done through Square )

When you place your deposit for a Malinois puppy your name will go on our waiting list for future breedings. Once a breeding takes place we move 6 names from our waiting list to that particular breeding. There is no guarantee on how many Males & Females the mother may have therefore we only move 3 for each gender. Once the momma has her babies we will then move up names in order to fill the open spots. If you chose a specific breeding when placing your deposit then your name will go on that particular breeding until there are 3 Males and 3 Female spots filled. If you do not specify which breeding you want then you will go on the waiting list until a spot comes available but you must choose a gender to reserve a spot. 

             When Puppies Are Born

The day of delivery is very stressful for both mother and ourselves please allow us a day to recoup and we will update everyone as soon as possible. If your name is on the list for m/f on a litter born if you go in order you will see you are guaranteed a spot unless the mom had a lower number of babies or the particular gender you are wanting which can happen. If you do not want the gender available then your name will go back on the waiting list until a spot comes open.

            How Puppies Are Chosen

You will find out which puppy you are getting the 8th week

Each of our Belgian Malinois puppies are matched perfectly to their new owner, we do this by carefully evaluating and placing our puppies based on temperament and drive. You will not be able to choose your new puppy. The Belgian Malinois high energy and extreme drive can make them hard to handle placed with the wrong owner. Therefore we choose where each puppy goes based on the owners experience with the breed and exactly what their looking for in their new Belgian Malinois puppy. 

             Prep For Your Malinois

Now your name is down for a puppy you are guaranteed a spot for the gender you chose.  It is now the count down phase to when you have your puppy 8 weeks from the day puppies are born is when legally they can leave. It is time to start prepping for your puppy, puppy proofing your home and property anywhere you plan on taking your puppy needs to be safe for them to run and play. I suggest finding a dog trainer close to your home so you can regularly check in to both make sure your puppy is receiving the training you hoped for and it is a good learning experience as well. Your puppy will leave with a LoneStar Starter Bag that will have a variety of items to get you started a little gift from us to you and all the companies who sponsored our bags.

        Puppy Starter Program


We offer Puppy Starter Training which goes weekly once your puppy turns 8 weeks. If you want your puppy to stay for training you need to let us know by their 7th week. We will continue to work on things like Potty Training, Walking On Leash, Getting them on a good eating schedule and separate from their littermates, Socialization with the kids and overall getting them ready for their journey with you. 

   Puppy Health & Information 
LoneStar puppies leave up to date on all age appropriate vaccines & dewormings, which are outlined on your puppies health certificate. We ask that you as the new puppies owner/handler have your puppy seen by your local vet soon after you picked your puppy up. If you have any concerns about your puppy contact us at any time,continue with the puppies vaccine and deworming schedule.

-Puppies should have received all vaccines including rabies at 16 weeks 
-We ask that you DO NOT bring your puppy anywhere without good reason until one week after their final vaccination because they will not have full immunity against diseases until that point. 
-Public places such as (dog parks,pet stores,grooming salons,dog trails) do not always require to see a vaccine record.
-We DO NOT warranty communicable diseases,we take precautions while your puppy is here to make sure they do not come in contact with any life threatening diseases.
-We know that socialization is very important and we want your puppy to be well socialized. 
-There are many ways to do so without allowing them to run and play in areas you don’t know are sanitized. 
-Invite friends & family over to meet your puppy just make sure to sanitize floors before and after, parvovirus can be easily tracked in on the bottom of shoes. 

- If you want to bring your puppy somewhere so they can see other people hold the puppy or put the puppy in a carrier,wagon,something where they can not walk on the ground.
-We DO NOT warranty injury, please make sure to not put your puppy up on high areas such as (the back of trucks,high beds,porches or anywhere left un supervised) that they can fall off or attempt to jump.
-Puppy growth plates are not closed until at least 12 months of age and jumping on open growth plates can cause long term damage.

            Shipping Puppies

Delta Airlines is where your Malinois will fly out of. Remaining balance must be paid in full before shipping arrangements are arranged. $600 is our shipping fee to cover plane ticket, crate, airline approved health certificate, crate bowls, bedding, and diesel to Dallas or Austin.

Signs and Symptoms of Canine Parvovirus (symptoms will appear within 5-10 days)


     Bloody diarrhea (often mucousy and severe)
     Loss of appetite
     Rapid weight loss & dehydration 
     Vomiting (often & severe)

People Foods To Avoid Feeding Your Malinois

 *Never give your puppy cooked bones at any age,bones can get stuck in intestines  which can cause blockage.If you are interested in feeding raw,introduce slowly,kibble requires a different pH in the gut to digest, feeding raw too soon in large quantities will make your puppy more susceptible to the bacteria in the raw meats. *

ASPCA Animal Poison Control Center Phone Number: (888) 426-4435


Chocolate, Coffee and Caffeine
Grapes and Raisins
Onions and Garlic -powdered, raw, cooked, or dehydrated
Macadamia nuts
Raw Salmon
Raw Pork
Raw Fish
Salty foods
Yeast Dough
Sugary foods
People Medication
Baking Powder
Baking Soda
Fruit & Vegetable seeds and stems

                     Signs Of Food Toxicity

-Elevated Heart Rate
-Rapid Panting
-Blood in the stool
-Loss of appetite


* If your dog is exhibiting any of these symptoms,get him to a veterinarian as soon as possible. 


*Bring your puppy to vet immediately if they show any of these signs 
*Contact us at any sign of virus, injury, or death at your convenience and please speak up if you need help with anything regarding your Malinois we are more then happy to help with supplies information ect




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