"Belle" (Trooper x Zoey ) Jackie , Texas

"Blitz" (Trooper X Zoey) Luzanne, Texas


"Belle" (Trooper x Zoey)Jackie, Texas

"Ellie Mae"(Trooper x Zoey)Amber, Tx

"Jeep" (Trooper x Zoey) Jim,Texas


"Gunner"(Trooper x Zoey)Clayton,Tx

"Nikko" (Trooper x Zoey)Shawn,La

"Sarge"(Trooper x Gabby) Eddie, Tx

"Roxy" (Trooper x Zoey) Dario,Tx

"Blade" (Trooper x Zoey) Vjay Singh Flordia

"Belle" Air Dog Competition

"Willie"(Amp x Zoey) Enzo, illinois

"Grafitti"(Amp x Zoey) Ellie,Montana

"Blitz" (Trooper x Zoey) Ross, Texas

"Blitz" Luzanne Texas

"Jeep" Jim Bobbit , Texas (Trooper x Zoey) breeding 2011 litter

"Mayhem"(Trooper X Gabby) Tx

"Mayhem"(Trooper x Gabby) Charyla, Texas 
"Jinx" (Trooper x Gabby)Brian, Louisiana 
"Mayjor" (Trooper x Gabby) Kayla, Tx
"Mayhem"(Trooper x Gabby) Jeff,Tx
"Jinx"(Trooper x Gabby) Brian,Louisiana
"Para"(Troop x Gabby) Donen,Texas
"Roxy"(Trooper x Zoey) Dario,Texas

"Sarge" Eddie G. Texas

"Mayhem"(Trooper x Gabby) Jeff,Tx

"Stryker" (Amp x Gabby) Walter,Texas

"Major"(Trooper x Gabby) Kayla,Tx
"Jinx"(Trooper x Gabby) Texas
"Ellie Mae"(Trooper x Zoey) Texas
"Jeep"(Trooper x Zoey) Jim,Texas
"Mayhem"(Trooper x Gabby)
"Mayjor"(Trooper x Gabby)
"Tovi"(Trooper x Gabby) Dario,Texas
"Chica'(Trooper x Gabby)
"Roxy"(Trooper x Zoey)Dario,Texas
"Mashone" (Trooper x Gabby)Dallas K9 Texas
" Kaution" (Trooper x Gabby)Darrick Dallas K9, Texas

"Electra" (Trooper x Gabby)Craig,Texas

"Mayhem" Jeff B . Texas

"Mayhem" Jeff sporting our T-Shirts  Texas

"Mayjor" Kayla Texas

"Katie" (Trooper x Gabby)Oscar Texas

"Mosby" (Troop x Zoey)Jamie, Tx

"Mayhem" (Trooper x Gabby) Jeff, Texas

"Mayhem" Charyla Texas

"Mayhem" (Trooper x Gabby) Jeff,Tx




"Marshall" Trooper x Gabby)Nancy Texas

"Jeep" Jim Texas

"Kaution" Darrick,Dallas K9 Texas

"Electra & Riddick' -Craig,Texas

"Electra"(Trooper x Gabby) Craig, Tx

"Bron" (Trooper x Zoey)Katie Texas


(Trooper x Gabby) Craig,Tx





July 22, 2013

"We are family! Some of the pups from Gabby and Trooper litters." 

"Ember" (Amp x Gabby)Laura Texas

"Marshall" Nancy Texas

"Katie" (Trooper x Gabby)Oscar Texas

"Blitz" Luzanne Texas

"Blitz" Ross Texas

"Electra & Riddick Craig Texas

"Katie" Oscar Texas

"Bron" (Trooper x Zoey)Katie, Texas

"Cloe"(Trooper x Zoey) Tom,Tx


(Trooper x Zoey Male) Robert,Texas

"K9 Bullet" (Trooper x Gabby)Alamo K9 Unit San Antonio, Texas

(Trooper x Zoey)female Texas

"Kaution" Darrick,Tx

"Roo"(Trooper x Zoey)Madison,Texas

"Zephar" (Amp x Gabby)Brendan Wisconsin

"Ember" (Amp x Gabby)Laura,Tx

"Stryker"(Amp x Gabby) Walter,Tx

"Grafitti"(Amp x Zoey) Ellie Montana

"Alice" (Amp x Gabby)Kathryn Texas

"Ember" (Amp x Gabby)Laura Texas

"Django" (Amp x Gabby)Benito Texas

(Amp x Gabby) Nancy Texas

"Narko" (Amp x Gabby)Texas

"Ember" (Amp x Gabby)Laura ,Texas


"Django" Benito,Texas

"Alice" (Amp x Gabby)Kathryn, Texas

"Belle"(Trooper x Zoey)Jackie,Texas

Both "Belle" Titles

"Zarri"(Trooper x Zoey) Jamie,Tx

"Roxy" Dario,Texas

"Roo" Madison,Texas

"Merci" (Trooper x Zoey) Laura,Texas

"Rocket (Trooper x Zoey) Wes,Texas

"Lexi" (Trooper x Zoey) Laura,Texas

"Ripley"(Trooper x Zoey) John,Texas.

"LaKonna"(Trooper x Zoey) Joanie,Oklahoma

"Halo"(Trooper x Gabby) Jerilyn,Texas In Memory of her daughter "Maddy"

"Grey"(Trooper x Zoey) Ben,Tx

"Elise"(Trooper x Gabby) Brenden,Texas

"Ellie Mae" (Trooper x Zoey) Texas

"Calli" Tom,Texas

"Bron" Katie,Texas

"Mayjor" Kayla,Texas

"Katie" Oscar,Texas

"Kaution" Darrick,Texas

To be continued to  Gallery 2 ...