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"My husband had warned me how high energy our new puppy would be. The first night she was with us,she cried,barked and slept.She missed her mommy,Gabby.It was just like having a baby, but with four legs.Oh and an off switch that turned off when SHE wants to turn it off.It was a challenge at first,but our dog Katie is growing up to be the protector and comedian of the house.Our trainer says she is far beyond other Mals he has trained. supeurb dog. Highly intelligent.She really should have gone to the military or a police k9.But she didn't,she was placed with us and i wouldn't trade her for the world.She is GREAT with the neighbor children and all other people as well.She plays well with other dogs.We get compliments on her behavior everywhere we go.I am proud to say she landed in our home and cannot wait to see wha the rest of her life brings us."

~Carmen & Oscar Katy,Texas




"Zarri is our first Mal (and my first dog) and I must say,I'm very impressed with her.She is very observant and aware of her surroundings.This intrigues me and helps me feel more comfortable with my surrounding with her.I love that she is protective with us and doesn't over do it,a perfect balance.She is almost seven months old and loves to play,especially with my two toddlers.Since we have children,it is very important for us to have that balance of a family-friendly dog,who is loving,sociable,and protective.We couldnt' have found a better match for our family and I'm so happy to have her in our lives."

~Jamie & Theodore Temple,Texas


"I live in Houston Tx and researched the breed for a while before deciding to get a Malinois I picked Lone Star Elite K9 Kennels because the first thing that caught my attention was not the pups playing amongst each other but the parents "Justin and Maegan ",lol,and how many pics they had of them,all over the place,as I spoke to mostly Meagan since she's the (mom) she explained what a Malinois really are and sfter a month of talking on the phone I got Roxy then a year later I got Tovi.Both very smart loyal,fast,and brave! Great incase someone wants to break into your property.My father is 77 now and I feel very comfortable with them taking care of him in the day and night. If I ever want another Malinois I won't go anywhere else but Lonestarelitek9 kennels.

~ Dario Houston Tx

"When I contacted Meagan & Justin Evans about their puppy "Spector" we had no idea,he would turn out to be one of the biggest joys in our life. Justin & Meagan did us a huge favor,by allowing us to make payments on our pup we named " Mayhem" when we weren't financially able to pay the entire amount.Their compassion for excellence will always be their greatest attribute. Thanks ;)

~Charyla & Jeff Dallas,Tx


"My boy Kaution is my first Malinois and it would be hard to top him.He is one of the most stable and highest drive Malinois I've ever seen. Every puppy I've worked with from their kennel has been exceptional. I may be biased but,my boy Kaution is the best out his litter! ;)

~Darrick Dallas,Tx

"Im an ex military dog handler and worked a Belgian Malinois. I fell in love with the breed,and spent many years looking for a Malinois of my own.On day a guy came into my office looking to rehome his Malinois that he could no longer care for do to his career .She came from from Justin at Lonestarelite K9 Kennels.I immediatly fell in love and named her "Electra".I contacted Justin and asked him many questions about her parents and his facility..He was appreciative I have Electra now and started bonding and training.Electra is very smary and high drive Belgian Malinois she learned very quickly obedience and protection of a handler.I than was interested in getting another Belgian Malinois,I contacted Justin at Lonestarelite K9 and got my male "Riddick". He is infact another great drive and extremely smart Malinois.Easy to train , he's also trained in protection and the decoys rave about him.Justin and Meagan have a nice kennel set up and take care of there dogs and great customer service.We still stay in touch and I send them updates on my two Mals from them,If anyone has any quesstions about them or there facility you can look me up on facebook .

~Craig Hanna,Harker Heights Texas


"I think Narko is just beautiful hes defenitly is a mommas boy.He acts out when he can't see me or if Im not home.He is doing great with his training and were teaching him in German very happy with him."




"Being in the military,we moved around on a constant basis. I had moved to Texas in August,and just coming from living in an apartment was more than ready to start dog hunting.The Belgian Malinois greatly intrigued me since I had owned mostly Labs.I had found Justin & Meagan simply through a google search which led me to there website.From there decided to pull the trigger so to speak.When I first saw Ajax, I knew that he was the one.He is absouletly beautiful and his pedigree is top notch.Justin even gave me a demo with his mother and I was very impressed. He's currently 4 months old but I am blown away as to how smart he is and how fast he picks up things. I couldnt be more happier with the new addition to our family.Thank you soo much Justin & Meagan :)


"So we're first time dog owners,(on our own) and we always get that look "Your new at this and you got a Malinois, dont you know what your dealing with?!" But we wouldnt change our experience with Alice for the world.We're fortunate enough to live close to Meagan & Justin and we were able to meet them,Gabby and Amp before we put down a deposit. We were hooked the moment we met Gabby,Shes affectionate and calm but is all buisness when its time to work.Justin & Meagan took the time to talk to us and answer all of our questions and share experiences.Alice is everything we were looking for : curious,driven,protective,smart,and affectionate. She always wants to be near us and she always wants to work when we tell her to.She is a quick  and eager learner,her expressions and personality keep us laughing.We think we have the best Belgian Malinois in the world (we might be a smidge biased.) (As I type shes sitting in my lap trying to copy my fingers by nosing the keyboard, she says "Hi".)



"Boy was i intimidated the first week of bringing Pandora home.I even called Meagan on an occasion for advice,to which she certainly calmed my nerves. After I understood her dimeaner,her personality and developed a solid schedule it has been smooth sailing ever since. I live a very active lifestyle; a good 6 mile run in the morning,lunch time biking, and 5 miles of trail running in the evening hours. You can say I'm high energy, which is perfectly compatable with Pandora.The first two months I got her I was recovering from a heel injury and socialized her with swimming,after that we went biking for 2 + miles while she was only 3 months old.Just in one month of training she was up to 7-8 on a good day.She exceeds my standards in what I could ask from a dog.I own a GSD aswell and even though I love him dearly there is a divine difference in obedience and demeanor between the two.Pandora is just 10 months and i can just look at her a certain way and she will sit, come or drop by my expression. She trully reads into my mood and energy throughout the day and when I need a good cuddle shes always snuggled up in my armpit.The ONLY COMPLAINT I have to this date is her need to lick the deodorant off or steal the bar itself.Its an ongoing battle to figure out why she hid the Dove from me lol.Its a fair compromise for what she gives me in return,no doubt.Overall Satisfaction:Exceedingly Pleased!




"I bought my Belgian Malinois pup from Lonestarelitek9 Kennels for use as a scent work dog and personal protection dog.I could not be happier with Roo,my rowdy 10 month old ball of energy. tons of drive loves to catch her bad guys and remains an affectionate velcro doggy to her momma.Ive never had any health problems and  there easy to get in contact with if I ever have an issue.I love bringing her to work with me.Looking for a working Belgian Malinois in Texas? Check them out!




"People said I was crazy for driving from Northern California all the way to Central Texas to pick up a puppy. That didnt stop me,because I knew what I was recieving would be a world class pup.Tyson has been that and the compliments are never ending, whether it be for his absolutely gorgeous markings or his trainers just raving about his potential at just 4 months! Justin & Meagan have been the greatest and have been there for me 100%.I wouldn't hesitate to do buisness with them again.I can't thank them enough for my wonderful pup Tyson.It feels good to be in the Lonestarelitek9 family now and I know we all can't wait to watch him frow up."

~Julian Cejay,California


"Zephar is  great, extremely intelligent and very driven to work. He is exactly what I wanted in a dog .Lonestarelitek9 did a great job picking him out for me.Hes growing up to be such a beautiful and very dark in color.Im always getting compliments on him and how handsome he is ."


~Brenden K.,Wisconsin

Belle has achieved so much she has recieved her United Senior Jumper Title,her 1st leg of 3 on to getting her confirmation title,and her Rally Novice Title.I am one proud mom! Here are a few of her achievements

~Owner Jackie,Texas


Meagan & Justin at Lonestarelitek9 donated Cleo to us here at Four Stars Search And Rescue.Cleo is a cadavar dog for our SAR Team.She is wonderful and what we were looking for very thankful :)

~Courtney Greig

Four Stars Search And Rescue



"When I first considered adding a new addition to our household I first considered a German Shepard. I was searching the internet one day and found an ad for the Belgian Malinois. I had never heard of this breed so I did my research and went to visit Justin and Meagan to discuss and see their Belgian Malinois in action. I was very impressed with the breed and with the knowledge Justin and Meagan have with their pups. From that moment I knew I wanted a Belgian Malinois and I wanted to purchase it from Lone Star Elite K9. 
Lone Star Elite take every precaution with their pups and give you a contract guaranteeing their health. 
My pup joined 1 Macaw bird, 2 cats, 7 other dogs, 6 horses and 4 sheep. She is great with all of them, never challenge any of them just a loving dog. 
Sadie has been a learning experience for us as, we have never had a dog with so much energy, not even our Jack Russell had so much energy but she is a very loving, protective and smart girl. I have never seen a dog as smart as the Belgian Malinois. I would highly recommend this breed and Lone Star Elite K9."

~Brenda & Fred Klinger,Kempner TX



" Lonestar Elite K9 Kennels gave me my dream! Meagan and Justin were not only the sweetest and most accommodating people I have met, but their dogs are incredible as well. I had been looking for a Mal for a while and found Lonestar by complete accident while looking through Facebook one day. I contacted Meagan and we started the process of getting my puppy. I got to watch my puppy grow up through these two wonderful people, even though I am approximately 1,500 miles away. They socialized her for everything and then some! When it came time for her to be shipped to me, Meagan and Justin made sure I knew exactly what to do, how to do it, and where to be. Once my girl got here, I could hardly believe she was with me! I had watched her grow and change and learn for such a long time. I cannot thank Lonestar enough for bringing such a fantastic puppy into my life! She has high drive, a willingness to learn; she is fantastically built as well! I couldn’t ask for anything more. Thank you Justin and Meagan!"





Kona is such a wonderful puppy , she is so smart,quick learner and needs to be one step ahead for sure.We boarded Kona with Justin & Meagan at Lonestar's Kennel she had a wonderful time there they made sure to give her plenty of excercise and attention just as if she was one of there own.


Hi Justin & Meagan Maxmimus is doing great in training we have him in training for protection work and starting on tracking.He is one handsome guy and were very close very happy to have him :)

~Roz & Erskin,Texas


"Lucas is such a great little guy I take him to work with me everyday and he's wonderful with my family very pleased with him.He is extremly well behaved happy to have him as part of our family .


"Stella" is a terrific puppy, I truly love her. She is everything that I asked for.Justin & Meagan gave me exactly what I was looking for .She is very loving,sweet,and full of energy.

~Richard Tran,Texas


"Blitz" is 3 years old and has gotten so big such a character .We have a very active lifestyle and take his pretty much everywhere.We go hiking,camping,he's social tons of energy.We've hiked the West Maroon Trial.We've hiked up Peak 9 st Breckenridge he's a huge part of our adventure and enjoy every second of him.He's great with our friends too we love Blitz so much very happy :)

~Russ & Luzanne,Texas



I purchased my puppy Ember from Lonestar's kennel with confidence knowing they would match me with the best female possible after meeting with Justin & Meagan.She is exactly what I was looking for in a Belgian Malinois puppy.She has a great personality and very high energy I take her with me on my long mile runs and  she stays by my side the whole way love my Ember :)



We love our Marshall the Malinois as we call him he is such a wonderful pup.He is great with my 2 kids and we take him everywhere and include him in everything! 


We got our beautiful Ellie Mae from Lonestarelitek9 Kennels over 4 years ago.Justin & Meagan are so welcoming in there home we loved our puppy from the moment we saw her.She is so full of love and energy great for our family.



I got my boy Stryker from Lonestarelitek9 and he is one awesome Malinois pup.He's gotten so big and is wonderful with the kids. We got him for home protection and he is extremely protective of our family we're very happy with him!


Hi Justin & Meagan just an update on Sarge he is doing great in training! Very nice strong grip great for family protection.Im very happy I chose you to get my Belgian Malinois puppy from.Thank you for producing such great dogs!

~Eddie G,Texas

Im ex military and always had a love for the Malinois.So I purchased Mosby and he has been such a great K9 good with the family and very protective.We're very happy to have him :)



When we first got Heidi,we immediately knew that she wasn't going to be your typical "House" pet.These dogs are way too driven and intelligent for that. Heidi is a Trooper and Zoey pup,and is now a year and a half old.We were immediately impressed by her high ball drive and extreme clever and intelligence.She has such high intelligence that she is more like another person than a dog.She has alor of personality.Heidi has been extremely loyal and naturally serves to protect us.She is relentless during ball chase ( she will go through whatever obstacle necessary) and has sharp agility.She is high drive extremely loveing and has a great personality.Heidi has been one of the biggest joys of our lives and we are so glad that she is part of our family.We have been so impressed with Heidi and all the Malinois at LoneStarEliteK9 Kennels we decided to put a deposit on there next upcomming litter.We highly recommend this kennel for legitimate and high quality Belgian Malinois.

~Jennifer & Andrew,Texas



"When my husband and I first saw Riley ("Raven"). we fell in love. She was so sweet, yet full of energy in a way that at the time I was a bit overwhelmed. A part of me was scared as I only grew up with small dogs and not big dogs.My husband on the other hand was used to the breed Malinois.We took a big leap of faith to have the dog of our dreams, and I am so glad we did. It has been an adjustment for sure, but I can say,I am so glad we have Riley.Even though she is still a pup,she has learned so much and has been easier to train than I ever anticipated.I look forward to coming home to play with her.She is the best walking & running partner I could ever ask for.Not to mention she is just beautiful.I am beyong grateful for Meagan, and she has helped me through this process and taught me alot about the breed and made me feel like I wasn't alone during this adjustment period or the only one that have had it hard.It's so comforting that I can run to her anytime to seek guidance or just to show her how amazing her pup is and how big she has gotten.I can't express enough how amazing the Evans family is.I couldn't think of a better family to buy your Malinois from then them :)

~Jacob & Gina .Forney,Texas

"Hagen is doing so well!! He is taking to training,doing well offleash.He is fully crate and potty trained.He is such a great dog, and is such a great addition to our family.

Thank You

"K9 Arco" aka "Missile"

"I owned Arco  for a year and he was my Police K9 in New Mexico.I took him through police patrol training & narcotics training he is certified in both.His obedience was dead on,he already has recieved a award from the department the mayor presented "K9 of the year".We were also tasked with US Marshalls on a few calls and he found herion in a felony warrant search.He was the most asked for in the state of New Mexico,I still get calls but he is now working for the Midland Police Department in Texas.Loved working with him he had nice apprehensions,he was called "Missile Kilo 1 " by our Swat team members,he currently is a police k9 for the Midland Police Department."

~Officer Rivera

Testimonial from Caila puppy "Indiana" :

"Indiana is our first Mal and we absolutely adore her. Having her in the house is much like having a toddler at the moment, she's full of energy, curiosity, and she is constantly making us laugh. Indy has worked her way into the hearts of our other dogs, to include the ones that weigh in at around 10 lbs. She plays with my son and the rest of the kids on his various sports teams as well as my young niece. I was warned going into this that she would be a high energy dog, but I wasn't prepared for all the snuggles she loves to give. Indiana is almost like my shadow now, she follows me everywhere and wants to do whatever it is that I'm doing. I can't express enough how clever this little lady is or how much joy she brings to our house. She truly is, one of a kind, a perfect fit for our family and I'm so grateful that Meagan and Justin picked her for us."


Testimonial From The Ryan Family "Zora" puppy:

"We couldn’t be happier with our Mal from LoneStar Elite K9. Justin and Meagan have an absolutely fantastic operation and produce some wonderful pups. Zora is smart, attentive, and full of energy. She has become very social with people as well as other dogs, big or small, no matter. She is sweet, loves to cuddle and very loveable. We have three dachshunds as well and she plays with them, pesters them (puppy) and loves them. She is just now 14 weeks old, we can’t wait to see what she turns out to be when we start training her to do the job she was brought home to do."

~Ken Ryan,Texas


  "Lonestar's Odin" 

"We want to thank Lone Star Malinois for a wonderful addition to our family!Odin has a great temperament, high drive, and lovable personality! He's not just a dog he's our family, always looking out for our daughter Nicole! We couldn't have asked for a better dog! Thank you Meagan and Justin for being for helpful throughout the process!"

~ Cruiz Family


"The first day I picked up Bron to take home with us,I knew I'd have a challenge on my hands. And I'd never owned a Mal so I'd been preparing myself the best I could for our new pup. He has envolved into such a magnificent dog.He is protective of his family but social enough to take him anywhere I go. Bron likes cats, kids, and adults.Just don't wear any hoodies or big jackets ;)James and Bron are best of buds.I've never had a dog so loyal and so in tuned with ever move I make.He lives to serve and protect me.He has been my best friend since the first day I got him.I may be biased, but I believe he is the greatest dog ever on earth.He is the most intelligent and driven dog I've ever known.He can read me like a book better than any person can. He will always be my number 1 ."

~Katelin  Port Aransas,Texas


"Our male puppy "Halo" is 8 months old he weighs 65 pounds and still growing fast.He shares a home with a parrot,2 cats and 2 very pushy chihuahuas that he is subservient to.He loves children and I believe would kiss every child he meets.He goes with me everywhere.Halo is an avid skater and surfer he absolutely loves to ride and kind of board.As for protection, he seems to just "know" who the good guys and bad guys are already at a young age of 8 months.I was walking him late at night in Port Aransas and I never saw this guy coming until Halo lit him up ,the guy ran off .I was so happy that Halo saw him and alerted on him.Super smart and super gentle until he needs to be otherwise.In todays troubled times Im glad I have a companion like Halo :)" 

~Jerilyn Lexington, Texas

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