Kennel Hand / Grounds Keeper

 $15/hr * 3 Days/Week * 3-4 Hours/Day Every Week

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Requirements: Age 18 and up, Your own vehicle and phone, willing to work every other day 3-4 hours/day during the week (Reliable) Can lift at least 75 lbs, Fully understands the breed you will be working around (Malinois), No Criminal Record. Only Serious Inquires Send Form This can be a tough job to handle you will be expected to learn quick and perform all job duties below


























Daily Job Duties: Feeding dogs, Cleaning kennels, Raking gravel, Cleaning stock tanks, Picking up any trash

Weekly Duties: Cutting grass, Trimming weeds, Bringing all trash to front, Helping with any projects around the property and Daily duties

Maintenance Duties: At times you may need to install kennel tops, Move heavy agility equipment to cut grass, Unload a pallet of dog food, replace kennel igloos/tanks/feeders ect..


Briefly Explain why you would like to work at our kennel, for how long, and what experience you have working with Malinois or dogs who are high energy Type your answers in the form below