Kennel Hand / Grounds Keeper

 $15/hr * Atleast 3 Days/Week * 3-4 Hours/Day Every Week


* Read All The Information On This Page Before Submitting Form *


Kennel Duty

You will be working with Belgian Malinois on a weekly basis. Each dog has their own 10x10 kennel that needs to be cleaned gravel/igloo/feeder/water cleaned & sanitized ( 25 kennels total ) You will come every other day to pull each dog one at a time they will run and play while you clean and fill their feeders/water you will eventually learn each dogs name and how to get each one back in their kennel Malinois are not a easy breed to handle you are new and they work off the respect system it will take atleast 4-5 hours each day to get everything done You will get dirty, it's back breaking at times, and you may even get frustrated if the dogs do not listen to you.

Property Maintance

Keeping the grass cut & trimmed is a must We own a riding mower/push mower & weed wacker you must know how to operate them all since you will do it unsupervised and we want to know we can trust the person using our equipment.

Trash Duty

We have cans for the dog waste and separate cans for our trash that will need to be brought to the road on Tuesdays as well as gathering any large bags, boxes ects Walking around the property picking up any trash or dog waste.


Odd Jobs

At times you will be asked to replace kennel tarps, tanks, unload a pallet of dog food, carry kennel panels, dividers and so Justin primarily handles the heavy lifting and you will be expected to do the same if asked.


We are looking for someone who is Hard Working, Has the Energy, Strength & Stamina to work with the task listed above We are only responding to applicants with experience and who are capable of performing the job duties 

Copy & Paste Questions with Response to the Form Below :


What experience do you have with the breed or others similar ?

Are you able to start now ? Can you come in the mornings at least every other day for 4 hours each day ?

Do you feel you can handle such a crazy breed ?

Are you comfortable working solo once trained ?

Are you willing to keep the grass cut/trimmed & do you have experience ?

Can you lift at least 75 lbs ?