A well groomed pet is a happy, healthy pet. But, there are many reasons that frequent visits to your pet stylist aren't always possible. With the new FURminator®line of professional quality grooming tools, you can get near professional results at home.

Any pet parent or grooming professional knows good grooming requires the right tools. With so many breeds, coat types and skin issues, knowing which product to use is confusing. The FURminator Team has solved that problem by developing a simple two-step grooming process.  http://www.furminator.com

Häärology, The Science of Pet Hair

This new grooming tool removes loose hair and can remove and loosen matting and tangles for both dogs and cats. Sturdy bristles of various lengths surround the outside of the outer platform while the inner platform contains bristles, all of the same length.

The stainless steel band is attached to the outer piece and is taller in length of the inner bristles while it is in the downward position.  The band contains notches where the hair gets trapped as the pet is brushed.  As additional hair is trapped, the inner bristles act as temporary storage of the hair until it is released.  This tool allows the user to brush with the hair growth and against the hair growth in order to remove the loose under coat.

The center of the inner platform contains a button.  This button raises and lowers the platform.  During use, the platform is in the downward position.  When it is time to release the hair and the button is pushed, the platform raises while pulling the hair out of the notches.

Total Pet Spa Bath-less Cleaning Pad Kit

We don't always have time to bathe our pets. For those times when things get a little too stinky and the weekend is far away, this bathless, waterless, pet-cleaning kit is just the thing. With interchangeable tools and pre-loaded cleaning pads, you've got doggy duty covered.  The contoured hand grip allows easy exchange of attachments while the bristled brush attachment adds an extra bonus in that this tool better prepares the coat for more effective cleaning.  The magic of The Total Pet Spa® is with our patented lift and cleaning attachment.  This innovative tool, used with our all-natural cosmetic-grade cleaning pads, works together to produce the results of a bath without water, quickly and with ease!  

A patented, easy to use method of cleaning, cleans pets without water.  This kit which removes bacteria, germs, allergens, dander, odors includes:

  • 1 Contoured hand grip  

  • 1 Arched-bristled brush attachment  

  • 1 Patented lift and cleaning attachment 

  • 1 3-pack sample size cloth pads

CHI Long Hair Slicker & Shedding Rake Combo


Use the CHI Combo Slicker and Shedding Rake to eliminate tangles and mats. This product allows you to reduce the time you spend grooming your dog by allowing you to work the undercoat and top coat at the same time. 

Use Instructions:

Brush the coat first to loosen mats. Using the Slicker/Rake, stroke the coat in the direction of the hair growth. Start at the rear of your pet and work your way forward. To prevent pulling of the skin, place your fingers between the Slicker/Rake and the skin. Slowly stroke through the mats with a saw-like motion. To assist with mat removal, use the CHI for Dogs Oatmeal Conditioner.

CHI Cleansing & Refreshing Dog Wipes


CHI For Dogs Cleansing & Refreshing Wipes gently wipes away dirt and neutralizes odors. Will not dry out coat or skin. Great for between baths or anytime refreshing.                  https://chi.com

HappyDogz Pro Cut Pet Nail Clippers

Introducing the Pro Cut Pet Nail Clippers from the team at HappyDogz.

Designed by a professional dog groomer, the Pro Cut Pet Nail Clippers are one of the best and easiest to use nail trimmers on the market.

In the past many dog owners have struggled to cut their dogs nails and this is usually due to poor quality nail clippers. Made from quality stainless steel, the Pro Cut pet nail clipper’s sharp blades takes the stress out of nail clipping. They do this by cutting your pets nails in one smooth motion that is easy for both you and your pet.



Large Soft Slicker Brush

  • Simple, comfortable solution for clean, healthy coats

  • Removes surface mats and detangles and smooths fur without pulling

  • Brush design reduces pressure on the pet's skin

  • Finishes coats, creating a natural shine

  • Intended for pets with wiry coats


Deshedding Tool

  • Eliminate the hairball tumble weeds in your house! No more hair on your clothes and couches! Reduces shedding by up to 95% with only one 15 minute session a week.

  • More comfortable for your pets and more effective than other deshedding tools with our 4 inch long unique curved comb design with automatic fur ejector that makes cleaning a breeze.

  • Leave a healthy and shiny topcoat behind while removing the loose undercoat.  Works great for small, medium, or large dogs or cats that have short, medium, or long hair. 

  • Effective Deshedding Brush: Deshedding Rake Comb to effectively remove mats, tangles and knots for dogs and cats with long hair.

  • Dual Sided Pet Rake for Dogs: Dual Sided Curved Rake with 17 close teeth and 9 sparse teeth, safe rounded edge.

  • Adjustable Dematting Tool for Dogs: Angle Adjustable Handle allows you easily to brush any position of your pets in any angle.