Puppy Deposit Contract


All LoneStar puppies are reserved by deposit when they are born. Our puppy price is $2,000 with a $500 Non Refundable deposit. When we contact you to move up to a litter born and you accept you are promising to pick up the puppy we have paired you with. If we can not reach you and you have not contacted us to schedule a pick up day by 8 weeks we will then go to the next person in line on the waiting list. We at times will raise the price for our puppies as the economy effects everyone. We give everyone one full year locked in the puppy price at the time you sent deposit. If you choose to pass on every litter we contact you for or back out of a spot you are secured on you are expected to pay the same price as everyone the next year ( If We Even Raised The Price That Year) The only time you are locked in for the price you paid is if you sent deposit mid to end of the year we give everyone 1 full year. We do not let anyone choose their puppy only the gender you may specify whose list you prefer to be on but there is no guarantee that you will get a spot or that we will then repeat the breeding the next time. You must be open to other breedings if you want to stay on the list. We understand life happens if you choose to wait for a future litter the next year you are welcome to stay on the waiting list but you must specify so we know you do want a puppy just the timing isn't right. We will not tolerate pickiness or anyone who backs out just because they wanted a different puppy drive and temperament is what we look at when placing puppies not coat color or cuteness. we. We will only allow one back out of a spot until we remove you from the waiting list which means if you are on a list and expected to pick the puppy up at 8 weeks and you choose to ignore our messages we will not hold the puppy past 8 weeks of age. It is your responsibility to both respond and make a effect contacting us so we know you are 100% wanting the puppy and picking it up. Deposits are Non Refundable but will expire if you continue to pass on every opportunity. If our waiting list is long and it takes time to get to your name the expiration will extend the one year is only for people who have been secured on a list but passed or who were contacted repeatedly throughout the year.

           Breeders Contract

The following agreement is between Lone Star Elite K9 and _________________for the purchase of Malinois Puppy____________________ from LoneStar Malinois Puppy Program. We certify dog is in good health and has received all age appropriate dewormings, vaccinations, and microchip upon leaving LoneStarEliteK9 Facility. The puppy leaves with a Lifetime Congenital Health Defect Warranty as well as a 30 month Hip & Elbow Guarantee with the understanding that new owner must use our kennel name before the dogs chosen name on the AKC registration form ( Lonestar's then the dogs name) You must provide a written letter from your licensed veterinarian describing the life threatening congenital hereditary defect. In the event of death an autopsy must be performed, and its findings must show that the death was caused by a congenital hereditary defect, we will then have our licensed veterinarian conform. The dog must be over 24 months of age but under 30 months X-Rays are mandatory and must be evaluated by OFA (Orthopedic Foundation for Animals). We require a copy of the X-Rays sent in to OFA and the hip & elbow scores Excellent, Good, Fair are all within Normal limits. The dog is to be returned to Lone Star Elite K9 in good physical condition with its AKC Certificate or Registration Form, and Current Health Records. Warranty is not valid if you breed your dog, we do not warranty communicable diseases, we do not guarantee color or temperament. As long as all the terms are met you will then go in line for the next available puppy without skipping anyone on our current deposit lists. There are under no circumstances where a cash refund will be given. Owner understands we are not responsible for any future vet bills once the dog leaves Lone Star Elite K9 Facility. We breed for Stability and Drive and do our best to match our puppies with the right Owner, it is the owners responsibility to socialize and provide proper training for the dogs entire life. It is the owners responsibility to keep the dog current on all age appropriate dewormings,vaccinations,and any intestinal parasite preventatives and heartworm prevention. Owner understands to contact LoneStar with any concerns about their Malinois and stay in touch by sending photo updates and yearly communication about their Malinois.


LoneStar Puppy Price: $2000.00  Deposit Is Included But Is Non- Refundable

Date of Puppy Purchase & Pick Up :_________________________________

Sire & Dam of Malinois Puppy:______________________________________

LoneStarEliteK9 Owner: Justin Evans       Signature_____________________

LoneStar Puppy Program: Meagan Evans    Signature____________________

New Owners Name Printed:__________________________________________
New Owners Name Signed:_________________________________________

        Owner Awareness Contract

  I am fully aware of the following pertaining my puppy I purchased from LoneStarEliteK9:


The Belgian Malinois is an High Drive & High Energy breed that require lots of time, patience,socialization,guidance and company. 

This is NOT the breed to lock in a crate all day,puppies bladders are not strong enough to prevent accidents for 2 + hours in a crate.

They should have access to water,potty area & age appropriate toys or they will become bored and destructive anytime you leave the house.

This is a breed that should be socialized from a puppy on wards,and in order for the puppy to behave around new people they should be included in work/family activities, socialization is extremely important.

This is a vocal and protective breed, if not socialized properly will become reserved towards strangers.Socialization helps ensure that your Malinois puppy grows up to be a well-rounded dog.

The Malinois is a mouthy breed,they are stimulated easily(prey drive) and will exhibit herding behavior such as chasing anything that moves & grabbing anything they can reach, it is not aggression it’s drive. It is your responsibility as the puppies owner to correct & direct any unwanted behavior. 

The Malinois does better when included with everyday family activities and require plenty of exercise whether its walking/running/hiking with you, frisbee,swimming,training,or going to work with you.If not kept entertained this breed will find a way to entertain themselves such as being destructive.

Bring your puppy around anyone you want them to get used to including animals,introduce slowly and Do Not leave your puppy un supervised,especially around small children or other animals.

You should NEVER attempt to man handle your dog,scold or dominate this will only agitate the puppy and you will have behavioral problems later on. 

Do not bring puppy anywhere until they have received ALL of their vaccinations. We DO NOT warranty communicable diseases. Your puppies immune system weakens when transferred to a new environment, it is very easy for them to pick up Parvo-virus,Corona-virus,intestinal parasites such as Giardiasis and Coccidiosis by coming in contact with another animals infected poop even drinking water,it is your responsibility to be cautious. 

We will Always take back a puppy from our breeding program in any situation.I understand there will be no cash refund of any kind and my puppy is to be returned with its original paperwork.


I agree and understand all the terms and conditions to this contract.

Owner:_____________________________      Date:_______________