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Meagan Evans  (254) 226-5858

I have hand raised Belgian Malinois for 15+ years and have a high success rate in matching    puppies to their new home. Puppies learn more in the first 16 weeks then they can in a lifetime and that's why puppy imprinting is extremely  important.   As soon as the puppies eyes and ears open I am taking them through various senses, learning different sounds and surfaces and by 8 weeks of age you will have a pretty sound puppy easy to transition into your home and introduce to the family and friends. Give me a call to discuss your interest in the Belgian Malinois and to reserve a spot on our waiting list. Puppy Deposit Form




Justin Evans  (254) 226-6086 

Justin has trained dogs for 30+ years  A dog set in it's ways become much harder to raise when they lack respect for you and everyone around them. Common signs: Pulling you on the leash, jumping/nipping, being destructive, or even ignoring you when you call their name. Give me a call today so we can discuss how to  correct those unwanted behaviors and get them on the right tack to being the dog you hoped

Training Deposit Form




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