Bag Balm’s heritage began in the dairy farming community as the original udder balm for cows. Farmers quickly recognized the product’s ability to moisturize and help repair their own skin, and Bag Balm moved from barns to bathrooms. It became an all-around family staple, including addressing pets’ dry, cracked paws and noses, hotspots, flea bites, and general skin dryness and irritation.

The new Bag Balm Pet packaging is easy to spot on pet store shelves for your four-legged friends, and offers simple instructions. While the recipe is the same, new tin sizes are optimized for easy pet application: Pocket-Size Tube, Mini Tin, Stand Up Tube, and 3.75 oz. Counter Top Tin.

Mend-A-Friend is Coconut Cleanʻs healing balm for dogs.  It works great on healing hot spots, flea bites, dry skin, rashes and skin irritations. Mend-A-Friend smells wonderful, but it doesnʻt taste very good, so your dog wonʻt constantly lick the area itʻs applied to. It comes in a handy twist-up or push-up wand that makes it easy to use and keeps your fingers away during application. Now available in two sizes to accommodate large or small breeds.

Hip and Joint Cooling Relief Gel

Topical Pain relief that applies easily and penetrates quickly. Cool Menthol therapy enhances mobility and comfort for Dogs. A soothing and cooling blend of Organic Aloe Vera, menthol Methyl Salicylate, Camphor and natural herbal extracts relieve aches and pains due to joint discomfort, sore muscles and arthritis. The topical use of this blend acts as a natural soothing anesthetic to relieve pain.

Want to keep your dog's skin in tip-top shape? Fido Balm™ is the answer! (And your skin will love it, too!)

  • Prevents itching and discomfort from dry skin; moisturizes and promotes healing

  • Helps treat various skin conditions—including chafing, abrasions, and hot spots

  • Contains a proprietary blend of pure therapeutic-grade essential oils.

EquiShield™ CK Salve is a medicated salve with broad spectrum antimicrobial activity, designed for skin conditions responsive to chlorhexidine and ketoconazole in horses, dogs, and cats. Apply CK Salve using a gloved hand or spatula, applying directly on lesion once daily for 2 to 4 weeks. Rub into site and immediate surrounding vicinity. Avoid contact with eyes and mucous membranes.


Pup Wax® is made from organic, clean ingredients that form a humectant barrier that seals moisture in and irritants out to provide fast itch relief, heal dry dog noses, paws, and skin fast, and relieve dog skin rashes.


Dr. Maggie Paw Protector protects paws and skin by forming a physical barrier that keeps out water, oxygen, and chemicals while helping to heal and moisturize. With regular application, Paw Protector can reduce the likelihood of dry, cracking pads. Apply before walks and hikes for extra protection!